Grad Expo 2013

Are you an upper year student? Are you thinking about life after graduation? There are so many options—where do you even begin?

If you’d like to explore your options—work, travel, graduate studies, college or professional programs—and find out exactly what your requirements are to have your graduation request approved, attend Grad Expo 2013! Grad Expo is a collaborative effort between Woodsworth College and Innis College to make sure our students have everything they need to be able to call themselves a University of Toronto 1T4 graduate.

  • When? Friday November 15 from 12pm-4pm
  • Where? Sessions will be happening in Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College, 119 St. George Street, and the Innis Residence Events Room, 111 St. George Street
  • What? These are the sessions being offered:
  1. 12pm-1:30pm – The Grad Info Session: Everything you need to know to declare and verify graduation, and get ready to pay back OSAP or student loans. Presented by Donald Boere, Registrar, Innis College and Laura Amodio, Enrolment Services. (Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College – 119 St. George Street)
  2. 1:30pm-2:15pm – Life After Undergrad: explore your options and consider what you’d like to do after you graduate. Panelists include Heather Kelly, head of the Career Centre, Dean Tim Worgan of Innis College, ADRL David Kim of Woodsworth and ADSL Aly Hirji of Innis, among others. (Location: Innis Residence, Events Room)
  3. 2:15pm-3:00pm – Resumes for Grad School presented by Candice Stoliker, Coordinator of the First in the Family Program (Location: Innis Residence, Events Room)
  4. 3:00pm-3:45pm – Personal Statements for Grad School (Location: Innis Residence, Events Room)

Free food will be provided.

To sign up to attend sessions, please fill out this

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