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This past Friday, Innis & Woodsworth joined forces to present Grad Expo 2013. The first half of the expo was held in Kruger Hall, at Woodsworth College, and featured a number of sessions: how to declare graduation on ROSI and have your programs validate your requests; how to pay back your student loans and OSAP; and the benefits of being a University of Toronto alumni.

The second half of the expo was held in the Events Room at the Innis College Residence, and featured a fantastic panel of speakers who discussed “Life After Graduation,” and the many opportunities that it presents. Candice Stoliker, the Program Coordinator for the First in the Family Program, presented an amazing session on tailoring your resume to graduate school applications, and Lucky Kalsi of the Career Centre talk about how to write a personal statement and asked your profs for references.

The day was filled with a tonne of valuable information, and gave students a lot of food for thought. Keep your eyes open for our follow-up session in second semester: Employment Expo.

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