The CIE Offers Tax Clinics for International Students

Attention: International Undergraduate/Graduate Students! Center for International Experience (CIE) will be holding Tax Clinics from March.10-April.04.

We will be offering services on a drop-in basis from 10am to 4pm daily at the CIE.

You MUST bring with you:
1. SIN or ITN* if you don’t have a SIN
2. T2202 (can be downloaded and printed from ROSI)
3. Bank Information: branch number, institution number, account number

Other Documents you can bring if applicable:
1. All 2013 T4 slips: statement of remuneration Paid that you can get from your 2013 employer
2. All 2013 T4A slips: statement of pension, scholarship, bursaries or research fund.
3. Rent Receipt: on-campus housing or off-campus housing 4. Public Transit Receipt: Receipt for monthly metro pass

Centre for International Experience | University of Toronto Cumberland House | 33 St. George St. | Toronto, Ontario | M5S 2E3 Canada

Please contact Daniel or Jing, Tax Clinic Coordinators for any questions you may have at 

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