Alternative Orientation Options

Every college offers an Orientation Week for their incoming students. Most of these are a blend of social and academic events, but the entire week is meant to help students with their transition to the University of Toronto. All students are welcomed and encouraged to attend their college’s Orientation programming, but there are also alternative options that you can use to supplement the Orientation experience. Students are welcome to attend any and all events that appeal to them – so why not try a bit of everything?

Here are some of the alternative orientation options on campus:

Orientation for Students with Family Responsibilities: The Family Care Office invites incoming and current student parents to Orientation 2014. Please join us to learn about the services and resources available to student parents on campus, get advice from our student mentors on how to adjust to the University, and start creating your support networks by making new friends and meeting University staff.

International Student Orientation: CIE (St. George Campus) Orientation Services include a multitude of events aimed at helping you transition to U of T, including informative and engaging workshops, campus & neighbourhood tours, day trips, and the CIE Welcome Reception. Registration is not necessary. Simply come by and participate in any of the workshops relevant to you. All events will take place at the CIE unless otherwise noted. 

Kickstart: Kickstart has been developed for students who are looking for an alternative to their college or faculty orientation, are unable to attend their full orientation, or would just like to explore more of what is available to them at the University of Toronto.  Check out the offerings and register online for whatever interests you.

First Nations House Orientation for New Students

Queer Orientation:

 Mature Students Orientation

Part-time Students: 

Transitional Year Program Orientation






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