Unfiltered: Truth Talks- Opening Session


Hey Woodsworth!

Do you constantly feel impacted by your race, faith or culture inside or outside of the classroom?

Are you engaged with anti-racism initiatives on campus?

Are you looking for community?

On Wednesday, October 15  Unfiltered Truth Talks is hosting their opening session in partnership Woodsworth College. The event will take place at the Waters Lounge, Woodsworth College Residence from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.

UNFILTERED is a space for students, facilitated by students, to openly discuss experiences navigating race, culture, creed and their intersections both inside and outside of the classroom. Themes change from month to month and are based on YOUR suggestions. Have questions to ask or thoughts to share? Come out, connect and help build community!

Here is the event link:


Address: 321 Bloor St West, Waters Lounge, Woodsworth College Residence (First Floor)

Nabiha Chowdhury

This event is brought you by Anti-Racism & Cultural office partnered with Woodsworth College.

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