Staff Member of the Day: Thomas Franche-Nolan

me oct 2014

Introducing Thomas Franche-Nolan! Thomas is the Career Education Assistant. As a Career Education Assistant, Thomas develops workshops and events that will enable Woodsworth College students to meet their career goals. This translates into preparing for an interview or crafting your co-curricular record to meet employer requirements. He work closely with the staff at the Dean’s Office to assist students in their degree/career aspirations.

Thomas is currently in second year studying Ethics, Society and Law.

“It is never to early to start thinking about life after university and what role you would like to take on in the workforce. “

Message from Thomas

“Hey guys! I am from Vancouver, British-Columbia, but thankfully, I am not a Vancouver Canuck fan. I am an avid outdoorsmen, when I can, I love to get out of the city and go camping or hike for the day. On Sundays, I like to watch NFL football and I know everything there is to know about the Buffalo Bills. I’d love to talk football, or any sport for that matter, with you!”

Office Hours:

Monday- 1pm-5pm

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