Staff Member of the Day: Lynn Al Nasser

IMG_4338Introducing Lynn Al Nasser! Lynn is the International Initiatives Assistant at the Dean’s Office. Lynn and Ackah work together on enhancing the inter-cultural experience for students at University of Toronto. Lynn is currently in third year double majoring in International Relations and Political Science.

Fun Fact: I eat sushi with a fork & I’m a Toronto Maple Leafs’ fan. 

Story time: This is especially for you commuters out there!

“During february of my first year, I wanted to go spend the weekend at my cousin’s house in Mississauga like I usually do when I’m homesick. It’s usually a 45 minute commute from the GO bus station from Union Station to Square One

That day, I got on the bus, and it was one of the longest bus rides, and at some point we passed by valleys. I finally realized that this was not the normal route to Mississauga for me so I went up to the driver and asked him how long will it take to get to Square One. He then told me I was on the wrong bus and that he’d drop me at the next station which was at Milton so I can take the next bus back. I waited in the cold and then after an hour the bus showed up and took me back to union and then I took the right bus to Square One.

When my cousin picked me up ad asked me why it took so long, I told her what had happened and we had a good laugh about it.

I feel like these are the experiences that really shape your University years, it was quite an adventure and I found out there was a road in Milton called The Cheese!

Needless to say, I’ve never hopped on the wrong bus ever again!”

Office Hours

Wednesdays- 9:00am-1:00pm

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