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The WOLF Coordinators plan, coordinate, oversee, and evaluate the academic and supplemental programming portions of Woodsworth Orientation Week. They do so under the supervision of designated staff member of the Office of the Dean, and work collaboratively with the WCSA Orientation Coordinators (OCs), Vice President of Social Affairs, and the Orientation Executive Committee.

The primary purpose of Orientation week is to help acclimatize incoming students to University life. It gives them the opportunity to meet with their peers in a friendly environment and engages them through a series of social and academic activities. The WOLF Coordinators will be responsible for planning and implementing programming for WOLF aspects of Orientation, which will be integrated into the schedule for Orientation Week. This programming will encompass all aspects of student life including, but not limited to, academic success, campus life and involvement, and health and wellness information.

It is imperative that the WOLF Coordinators work closely and collaboratively with the OCs and WCSA. As representatives of the Office of the Dean of Students, it is expected that their conduct will serve as a role model for other students.

Students can apply by submitting a resume and cover letter outlining their ideas for WOLF programming to dean.woodsworth@utoronto.ca by 5pm on Friday, January 23rd, 2015.


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