Academic Bridging Mentorship Program: Last Call

Attention successful Academic Bridging students, there are a few spots left in our amazing peer program. If you have interest in giving or receiving resources, guidance and support all within a great group of Bridging students please contact the program coordinator:


Audrey Rochette
Academic Bridging Mentorship Program Assistant
Woodsworth College
University of Toronto


The Academic Bridging Mentorship Program (ABMP) has been created to address the challenges that arise for students making the transition from high school to full or part-time studies at the University of Toronto. The program is designed to guide students in their efforts to achieve academic, social and personal goals as a new university student. The ABMP will provide participants with the opportunity to learn and grow through guidance, communication and leadership of a supportive community. This program caters to both mentors and mentees. The objective of the program is to ensure new students remain engaged and committed to their development and education. This will be achieved by building confidence and skills and by providing a safe space for guidance during students’ first year.

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