The Commuter Life

This post is the first part of a new blog geared for commuter students! Keep an eye out for more helpful posts from our Office and Programs Assistant, Shaniqwa Thomas!

Commuting when school gets busy 

“Midterm Season,” the time in the school year which every student comes to dread…Why? it’s because most assignments are due, papers are due, and midterms are held within a short period of time, resulting in students having to do more homework and readings than normal. So here are some suggestions on how to cope and survive the stress the midterm season may bring;

Get sleep — attempting to commute after loosing sleep does nothing to motivate you to get to school (unless an assignment is due) you will most likely consider skipping school to catch up on sleep. Getting sleep will help you to recharge and refocus your attention so that you can focus in class or on your readings.

Use your commute time — Using your commute time to either do your homework or use your time to relax, will help you to either get your studies done or, after taking some time for yourself, y ou’ll be recharged so that you can get back to the books and feel refreshed and not exhausted.

Making use of your time on campus — instead of coming to campus and leaving right after class you could also look into exploring the option of staying on campus so to study at one of the many libraries, attending study groups, or if needed, attend your professors’ office hours to get help or clear up any questions you may have about the course material.

Getting involved as a commuter!

Going to university is not just about getting the degree, but also about engaging with and building your university community both socially and academically. As a commuter student getting involved is another easy ways to make new friends on campus. Getting involved enhances your experience at university outside the classroom. A number of studies show that being involved outside of the classroom has academic benefits. Getting involved will help you take a break from school, develop new skills, and overall give you a boost of energy. You will also have to better plan and organize your schedule, which will help make you more productive. The skills you pick up while being involve on campus will also be a benefit you in strengthening the skills you’ll need in whatever career path you choose. However, as a student, if getting involved is something you desire, ensure that you are able to do it without sacrificing your academics; know your limits and stay within them. If you decide to get involved some tips you might want to consider the effort needed to put into your extra school curriculum activity and if your able to do it as a commuter student? If the answer is yes then here are some tips to help you achieve balance between school and getting involved.

Practices or meeting times: if your practices or your meeting times are early or later at night, look to use your time before or after class on campus as a time to get your studies done or started.

Lugging extra stuff around: If you find you are carrying more stuff around campus for example due to being involved with a sports team or a musical band and it’s becoming a problem or an annoyance. Looking into using the lockers around campus and at the college will help to store your items in between your activity and classes.

Sleep: Now that your commitments are becoming a bit busier, ensure that you are taking time to sleep. Staying up all night after you get home from school and your co-curricular involvements to complete your homework is not beneficial to your studies or your health. Going to class and feeling tired take away from you being a productive student within the classroom, which will effect how productive you are outside of class. For example if I’m tired one day in class and I don’t take down any notes then it will not be helpful to me when I have to go back and use those class notes for an assignment, midterm or exam. Getting sleep allows you to get a fresh start on the day and accomplish all your daily tasks.


With commuting there can be the annoyance and pain of hauling books, gym clothing, extra clothing, food and whatever else you need. To help ease your pain you have the option to use a locker on campus. Your locker can be your home away from home as a place to stash all you need while on campus. The Woodsworth College locker rentals have the best deal for year around or just a semester rental prices (go to the WCSA Office for more details). Other locker rentals hot spots include the Heart House, the Athletic Centre, and the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport.


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