Do you want to get involved at Woodsworth this summer from your own home without a huge time commitment? Want to improve your communication and personal skills? Want to increase your confidence and motivation? Are you looking for a Co-Curricular Notation? 

The E-Mentorship Program is designed to address the needs of incoming students before they arrive on campus. Many students who are out of province or international do not have the ability to visit Woodsworth or UofT to explore and become adapted with our environment. Upper year mentors (hopefully you!) will be given a group of incoming Woodsworth students who they will communicate with via email, Skype, and social media throughout the summer. This program will run from the beginning of June to the end of September. Come have some fun with us!
Want to be an E-Mentor? Kindly fill out this GoogleForm below and have it completed by Friday, April 1st (11:59pm EST):

For more information regarding the E-Mentorship Program, please visit:


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