Bright Futures Conference

Fbook-Profile-and-General-Banner-1024x416Connect Women, Change Lives

The Bright Futures Conference is a personal empowerment initiative that will connect women across continents to change lives. It offers sustainable solutions for women in both Tanzania and Toronto to create their own brighter futures.

What are these sustainable solutions?

  • For Tanzania, healthcare: all proceeds go towards healthcare packages for young mothers and their families in Tanzania.
  • For Toronto, professional development: a day of skills workshops, networking, and inspiring speakers.

Although our primary aim is to empower women, especially working mothers,  anyone interested in developing employable skills and helping Tanzanian mothers is welcome to attend.

To buy tickets or to learn more, click here.

When: Saturday, June 18th

Where: DCS Innovation Lab, 9 King’s College Circle, on the second floor of the Sigmund Samuel Library Building

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