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“Academic Minds- Mental Health In the University” Conference – January 27, 2017

Mental health belongs to all of us in some shape, way and/or form. However, the prevalence of mental health issues on campus, especially accessibility, accommodation and intersectionality, is not discussed often enough as it pertains to stress, physical health, and academic and social involvement.

The University College Literary & Athletic Society (UC Lit), and the Woodsworth College Dean of Students’ “DiversiTea” program, invite you to enhance your knowledge in mental health through “Academic Minds- Mental Health In the University” conference. Please join them on Friday, January 27th, from 5-7 pm, in the Hart House Music Room! Over food and beverages, you will learn about how we as an academic community can work toward a better understanding of mental health issues as they affect the people and structures we know and work with. Take part in a mindfulness workshop, and an interactive panel discussion with such experts as an Education Specialist from CAMH, a mindfulness professional, a therapist, and a professor/disability activist at the University of Toronto! There will be opportunities to ask anonymous questions of the panelists.

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