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Hart House Standing Committees – Now Recruiting!

Make your voice heard and your ideas a reality!
Join a Hart House Committee and become a part of creating the most diverse, inclusive, student-led place at U of T.
  • Lead the charge on social justice issues and create change.
  • Build communities and improve students’ well-being.
  • Galvanize the music, literary, theatre and arts scene on campus.
The committees that are recruiting are:
Art Committee: Students have an active role with the Art Museum in research, guided tours, receptions, lectures, screenings, and visits with artists and curators.
Theatre CommitteeInvolves all facets of the theatre: technical, marketing, creative and administrative – echoing the unique mix found at the Hart House Theatre
Recreation Athletics & Wellness Committee:  Are particularly interested in engaging people underrepresented in sport and physical activity on campus. Annually, they help organize and staff the Indoor Triathlon, a Fall and Spring 4K Fun Run
Literary and Library Committee: Students Manage and maintain the Library collection, organizing monthly readings and literary pubs, running annual contests for poetry and short stories, designing writer’s workshops and writing groups, and publishing the annual Hart House Review.
Finance Committee: Students review and assess recommendations and reports on the finances, financial controls and risk exposures of Hart House
Debates & Dialogue Committee: Students translate ideas and interests into welcoming and lively public debates, dialogues, and discussions that create a meaningful exchange of ideas and perspectives between the campus, Toronto, and international communities
Farm Committee: Students organize social and community-building activities at the Farm and on campus, including four seasonal events
Music Committee: Students are dedicated to supporting and providing diverse music related and music performance experiences for the campus community
Social Justice Committee: Students discover social and environmental issues by hosting inclusive events that provide a respectful and open forum to share perspectives, collaborate, and imagine solutions.
Eligibility Criteria

U of T Student for the 2017-18 academic year

Submission Deadline

March 18, 2017

How to apply

Fill out the online application here!

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