Hart House Global Commons

Hart House Global Commons: The Rise of a New Nationalism!

The world is changing. Are you ready?
Details: The Hart House Global Commons is your chance to connect and explore issues that affect us all. Join us for an international conversation to explore and discuss the rise of nationalism across the globe.
Students from different backgrounds, disciplines and perspectives will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue that will enable them to learn from each other, expand their understanding of the world, and identify opportunities to effect meaningful change.

Why now? The world is in the midst of a radical shift: a divisive U.S. election, political changes in Europe, calls for the construction of physical borders,  anti-migration policies, trade protectionism, anti-multilateralism, challenges to traditional media, and restrictive interpretations of domestic and international human rights norms. How expansive this movement will become and how it will reshape the global community is unknown – and the students of today will inherit whatever decisions, actions and consequences unfold.

Hart House will host students from all three campuses in the Great Hall at Hart House and connect them virtually with students from France (Sciences Po, Reims Campus) and the United States (Indiana University Bloomington) to share ideas, fears and opinions about the state of the world. Students will be joined by Doug Saunders from the Globe and Mail, who will present on the topic, as well as Natasha Fatah of CBC News, who will be moderating the entire event.
At the end of the group discussion, which will include guided questions, breakout sessions, and student presentations, participants will be asked to transform their talk into action and produce practical responses and actionable items to foster social change on each of their campuses.
When: Wed., March 22, 2017, 9 a.m.-12p.m. (EST)
Where: Great Hall, Hart House
Cost: Free
Registration: http://harthouse.ca/global-commons-cie/

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