The Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering: The Game

ILead’s (The Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering) The Game is accepting applications for its 4th cohort. The Game is a 6-month project-based societal leadership/social innovation program which challenges participants to look deeply at complex problems in the world around us. The aim of the program is for participants to work together to envision a better world and take steps towards making that vision a reality. Students will work in teams, attend workshops, and be paired with social innovation mentors to create an impactful project while learning about their own leadership. In contrast to previous years, student teams will receive a budget with which they can conduct research, prototype, and do professional development.

Last year, they had success including non-engineers in their cohort, so they are organically trying to keep that going. They will be accepting 50 students in total with the hope that 10-15 of these will be non-engineering students. Applications are open to all students across all programs and all years of study (undergraduate and graduate). If you know any students who may be interested in this, please pass this along to them, even if they are in first year (some of our top teams in the past have included first year students). For more information and the application form, visit:

Submissions are due on Sun, Sept 24. Any questions can be directed to .

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