Queer Art in Toronto

Thursday, November 2, 2017
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
21 Sussex Avenue, Room 421
– What do you think of the different representations of identities available on screen today? Do you feel represented in the media that you consume?
– What does it mean to be LGBTQ+ in popular culture today?
– What are your thoughts on LGBTQ+ stories entering a mainstream realm in regards to being an audience member and with regards to who is telling these stories?

Toronto is packed with queer artists, but where do they go to develop their skills and what are the safe spaces in the city for queer audiences? From live performances, to short films, fanfiction, fanart, books and more, we want to hear about YOUR interests in creating and consuming art. Join us in conversation as we discuss how we as a queer community can take agency over the queer art in our city. We will also be sharing information about queer friendly resources for both creating and finding art locally.

This week at Q21, we have two Toronto-based artists and performers coming to facilitate the conversation: the wonderful and multi-talented artists Monica Garrido and Heath V. Salazar!

Monica Garrido is a Mexican performer, filmmaker, writer, comedian, producer and Dance Battle Champion. Her short films “Diferente” (2015) and her horror comedy “Love You to Death” (2017) were part of the Inside Out Film festival. She has had the privilege to work with different companies such as Grupo Teatro Libre, Bad Dog Comedy Theatre (Feature Players Season 3, The Kweendom, Kinsey Fail and The LOL word). She was a part of the 2016 Emerging Creator Unit at Buddies in Bad Times where she created the show “The Cunning Linguist” winner of the 2016 Queer Acts Audience Award and was part of the Caminos Festival (Aluna Theatre) this October, also she had the privilege to be part of this year ensemble of the Youth Elder Project.

Heath V. Salazar is a latinx Dora Award-winning writer/actor/singer/dancer. This past April, they completed a residency in Spoken Word at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity and most recently performed in Territorial Tales with Canadian Stage. Currently, they’re developing a new theatre piece as a part of the Emerging Creators Unit at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. In addition to theatre and film, Heath is also the drag king and activist Gay Jesus. Having performed across the GTA, including 12 stages during Toronto Pride Month 2017, Gay Jesus is best known for his protest pieces bending politics and gender with multidisciplinary creations ranging in genres from striptease to spoken word and movement based storytelling.

Find out more about Monica and Heath’s work and share your thoughts on queer art in Toronto at Q21 on Thursday, November 2nd!
Q21: A Conversation Café is your weekly opportunity to connect with students and guest facilitators about the topics on our minds. Q21 will take place every Thursday from 3:00 – 4:30 pm. Each week will have a theme and a new guest facilitator.

Be part of the discussion.
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