Computer Notetaker

Accessibility services is looking for some new computerized notetakers! 
Job Title:  Computer Notetaker (CNT)

Main duties:
·         A CNT types information on a laptop computer (for example, a university professor speaking to the class). Information typed is NOT VERBATIM.
·         Notes must be edited and submitted to the student/client within 24 hours. The student specifies what type of formatting he/she would like for the notes.
·         At times, the student may sit beside the CNT and read from their laptop monitor.
·         Notes are taken for the deaf, deafened, hard of hearing , oral deaf, learning disabled and those with physical or visual issues.

·         Minimum typing speed of 80 wpm  Visit []
·         Ability to process information quickly
·         Strong interpersonal skills
·         Show respect and cultural sensitivity at all times
·         Computer proficiency
·         Punctuality
·         Meet deadlines
·         Follow a code of behaviour, ethics and protocol; confidentiality

Education requirements:
·         University degree or enrolled in university program
·         Must complete a specialized 4-hr training program (Temmer Enterprises Ltd)
Interested candidates should contact with a print out of there typing speed.

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