WRISC: Woodsworth Get Woke

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This club initiative is focused on promoting education and about racial issues within Woodsworth College, as well as on a larger scale at the University of Toronto. They would like to create an inclusive environment for students of different racial backgrounds to help ensure that they feel safe and represented at the university. On Wednesday, March 28th, in Kruger Hall (Located within Woodsworth College) from 1PM-4PM, they will be hosting a Racial Panelist and Art Gallery event to help promote education on racial issues. They are looking for students of different racial backgrounds who have experiences they would like to share with the Woodsworth Community, whether it be through speaking as a panelist member, or through artwork. If you are interested, please contact: wrisc@mywcsa.com. Below is a link to their Facebook page, as well as a poster for our upcoming event. 
 Link to Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wrisc/

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