Psycholinguistics-Seeking RA!

Seeking RA for Psycholinguistics-related Project 

The Meltzer lab at Baycrest Hospital is seeking a research assistant / study coordinator for an 18-month study investigating the cognitive side benefits of learning a second language for older adults. This study builds on a body of research demonstrating that 1) Bilingualism confers a protective advantage against the development of dementia, and 2) this advantage is likely mediated by improved attention and executive function abilities in bilinguals. Recent studies suggest that the same benefits may apply in late bilingualism as in early bilingualism, but to date no study has assessed second language learning as a viable intervention to enhance cognitive reserve in older adults. The present study involves a 16-week intervention using a market-leading mobile app for adult language education, Duolingo, compared to a traditional “brain-training” app and a passive control group.

 The study coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Recruiting older adults from community sources
  • Administering neuropsychological tests in person
  • Supporting and tracking participants’ use of the intervention apps
  • Basic analysis of behavioural data

 Although the primary role of the position is to coordinate this specific study, the RA will also have the opportunity to contribute to other studies in the lab, including brain imaging and brain stimulation investigations of language processing in healthy adults and in patients with disorders such as post-stroke aphasia, primary progressive aphasia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

 Qualifications include:

  • BA/BS in Psychology, Neuroscience, or other relevant field
  • Previous experience in research with human subjects
  • Good computer and communication skills
  • Interest in working with older adults

To apply, please submit a CV and cover letter to:

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