Our first offering of the CV and Personal Statements Camp to support students who are applying for Further Education will be take place on Thurs. Nov. 7th from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Student Success Centre. This program is open for registration via

CLNx (

The CV/Personal Statement Camp allows students to tailor their support depending on which stage of the Graduate or Professional School application they are in.  Students can select and combine from the following items:

  • Mini workshops: 15 minute workshops covering fundamental CV and Personal Statement development tips
  • A Wellness Career Chat: Applying to further education can be a stressful process, we will talk about parallel planning, strategizing, and ensuring self-care
  • Group Writing space: A Non-structured time/space to write in a group setting where students can work on your own and get advice from a peer
  • Individual Writing: Space to write independently in the Student Success Booths and Appointment Tables
  • 1:1 Appointments: Brief, rotating 15min drop in appointments will be offered as well

Students will receive expert advice, feedback and support from Career Peers and Educators throughout the day. 

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