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There are many different opportunities for orientation here at the University of Toronto. Most of these are a blend of social and academic programming, but the entire week is meant to help students with their transition to the University of Toronto. Here are a few groups hosting events happening around the first week of September. First we have the Woodsworth College Orientation, which has historically always been an exciting, high-energy event. For students looking for a different vibe, the links and descriptions to many other equally interesting groups are listed below. Incoming students are welcome to attend any and all events that appeal to them – so why not try a bit of everything? Take time to explore, and keep checking back for updated information and new links!

Woodsworth Orientation Week 

Woodsworth College’s Orientation Week happens the week before the start of the academic year at the University of Toronto. This week is your first step into University life, socially, academically, and culturally! Orientation Week is where you will meet your new best friend, your commuting buddies, and/or your roommates to be! The week will be packed with fun activities and events that will prepare you for University, and ensure that you get the most out of your University experience! Most importantly, Orientation Week will warmly welcome you into your new home, your one love Woodsworth.

Website: (Registration will open July 1, 2017).

Instagram: @WWOrientation17

Snapchat: @WWOrientation17


Orientation Week will be taking place from Sunday September 3-Wednesday September 6, with the Boat Cruise occurring Saturday September 9th. Our office will also be offering programming throughout the month of September, to further support incoming students with navigating their first-year and beyond.

Woodsworth Life After First Week (WOLF)

14034823_1015093821945181_6365122811706430708_nOur WOLF Coordinators Arabelle and Novera (pictured to the left) have been working hard to ease your academic transition into UofT! They’ve developed a series of workshops and events throughout our Orientation Week that will teach you crucial skills like how to write an A+ paper, effective study styles to succeed in University, a campus tour that will show you where your classes are, etc. 


Part-time and Mature StudentsAre you a part-time student? Are you a mature student coming to university? Join the Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students as we present an orientation for part-time and mature students across the University of Toronto. Featuring skills workshops, a networking fair of campus groups, free food and socials, this orientation will help you learn how to succeed as a student, and meet your peers from across the university.

Muslim Students Association OrientationMSA Frosh Week was created to address a need of the U of T Muslim student community: a safe space during orientation week, with events that Muslim students feel comfortable partaking in. As such, here is MSA Frosh, a week of social, informative, and spiritual programming aimed at introducing new students to the community at U of T! MSA frosh is open to students of all years, and through this week hope to provide a wide variety of diverse events that appeal to all.
International Student OrientationCIE Orientation include a multitude of events aimed at helping you transition to U of T, including informative and engaging workshops, campus & neighbourhood tours, day trips, and the CIE Welcome Reception. Simply come by and participate in any of the workshops relevant to you. All events will take place at the CIE unless otherwise noted.
Orientation for Students with Family ResponsibilitiesThe Family Care Office welcomes new student parents to Orientation 2016! Start building your support networks and learn how to be proactive, prepared and successfully navigate your degree while caring for others. Meet other student parents and University staff, learn about the services and resources available to student parents on campus, get advice from student mentors on how to adjust to the University life and discover family friendly spaces on campus.
KickstartKickstart has been developed for students who are looking for an alternative to their college or faculty orientation, are unable to attend their full orientation, or would just like to explore more of what is available to them at the University of Toronto. Check out the offerings and register online for whatever interests you.

Queer OrientationQueer Orientation is tri-campus, week-long series of events that provides opportunities for new and returning students, staff and faculty to make connections and engage in activities and discussions related to LGBTQ+ communities.

First Nations House Orientation for New Students

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