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Woodsworth College’s Community Outreach Program aims to engage students within the Woodsworth community. Through social events and collaborations with other Woodsworth groups, the program aims to connect students and create a sense of community within the College. The program also offers students the opportunity to engage with the larger Toronto community and explore the city with other Woodsworth students, as well as engage in various social justice and equity-based initiatives on campus.

Shoreline Clean-Up Team (Sign-up available in September 2017): Every September, Woodsworth students participate in the annual tri-campus community day event, where students take a trip to  Woodbine Beach to clean up litter and make a positive contribution to their community. Students also have the opportunity to participate in an orientation and reflection following the activity.

For more information visit the Centre for Community Partnership’s website (clickable link) and check-out this year’s team blog post –

Alternative Reading Week Team: During Reading Week in February, Woodsworth students participate in three days of volunteering in a team project with a local community organization, organized by the Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP). Students make meaningful connections, build relationships, and learn more about community engagement. In addition, training and reflection are core components of this initiative, which is Co-Curricular Record eligible. This year, the Dean’s Office Woodsworth Team chose to volunteer with U of T’s Innovation Hub. Students reviewed opportunities and ideas that aim to build community on the St. George campus and improve access for all students. For more information visit:

To sign-up for the WDW Team, please e-mail Vivian Ngo ( by November 29, 2017. 

Get Involved: Social Justice Initiatives on Campus

Are you interested in social justice? Check out some of these campus groups and offices that work to promote equity and safe spaces at the University of Toronto.

Woodsworth Inclusive (WiNC)
We are an organization that hosts events and spearheads initiatives for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies at Woodsworth College.

Equity & Social Justice Commission (UTSU)
We are a group of students that discuss and plan campaigns and initiatives related to equity and social justice on campus.

Equity Studies Students’ Union (ESSU)
We are a student-run organization that aims to support students in their academic endeavors within the Equity Studies program.

Black Students’ Association (BSA)
We are a collective of students who promote community interaction among African, African-Canadian, and African-Caribbean students at the University of Toronto.

Students for Barrier-Free Access (SBA)
We are a group who establishes a presence for students with disabilities, raise awareness, provide education, effectively lobby, and directly influence many of the systemic issues in all areas of student life.

The Jack Project
We are a mental health awareness club devoted to anti-stigma, creating community, and improving the student experience.

Sustainability Commission (UTSU)
We are a group of students that discuss and plan environmental and sustainability campaigns and initiatives on campus.

Sexual & Gender Diversity Office
We are an office that develops partnerships to build supportive learning and working communities at the University of Toronto by working towards equity and challenging discrimination.

Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office
We are an office that works in collaboration with the other U of T equity offices and partners to promote a University campus that is free of discrimination and harassment based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship and/or creed.

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