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Office of the Dean of Students Staff:

We are available to speak with prospective and current students, faculty and staff members, as well as community partners. Drop-ins are welcome, but to ensure our availability we encourage you to book an appointment via dean.woodsworth@utoronto.ca.

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Liza Nassim, 
Dean of Students

RM303, Woodsworth College Annex
123 St. George Street, Toronto ON
e: liza.nassim@utoronto.ca
t: 416-946-7397

As the Dean of Students, Liza oversees all student life activities in the College, including all aspects of the residence program. She works with students, staff, and faculty members at the College and across the university to ensure the student experience at Woodsworth is both robust and dynamic.

Savannah Sloat, 
Assistant to the Dean, Residence Life

Residence Office, Woodsworth College Residence
321 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON
t: 416-623-1685 ext 2991

As the Assistant to the Dean, Residence Life, Savannah is a live-in staff member who works toward the creation of a safe, diverse, and vibrant residence community that is conducive to both academic success and personal development. In collaboration with the Residence Don team, she supports students in all facets of their lives including academic, co-curricular, and personal matters. She is also responsible for advising the Woodsworth Residence Council and supporting their efforts to engage students and build community. To learn more about the Residence Life community at Woodsworth, visit: residence.wdw.utoronto.ca.

Janice Asiimwe, Student Life Coordinator

RM305, Woodsworth College Annex
123 St. George Street, Toronto ON
e: janice.asiimwe@utoronto.ca
t: 416-946-0605

As the Student Life Coordinator, Janice oversees all programming portfolios for the Office of the Dean of Students including orientation, mentorship, leadership development, and community outreach.  She also works directly with the Woodsworth College Students’ Association in supporting their efforts to engage the student population. Additionally, she oversees various administrative and co-curricular elements of the first-year foundational program, Woodsworth One.

Matthew LeGallais, E-Mentorship Coordinator

RM305, Woodsworth College Annex
123 St. George Street, Toronto ON
e: matthew.legallais@mail.utoronto.ca
t: 416-946-0605

As the E-Mentorship Coordinator, Matthew assists with administering the Summer E-Mentorship Program. This role includes connecting upper-year mentors with incoming students to provide relevant information and resources. Upper-year mentors also provide valuable insight and experiences to assist with incoming students’ transition into U of T. He is currently pursuing an Undergraduate degree, in Sociology.

Embedded Staff:

Sania Hameed, Career Educator (Woodsworth College)

Sania has a passion for supporting students and talking about all things career-related. She aims to help students identify and develop their own professional identity, and navigate their career journeys. At the university, Sania develops and delivers career education curriculum for undergraduate, professional and graduate students, both individually and in group settings. She holds a Master of Education from OISE, and was a Woodsworth student herself, many years ago.

Sania takes appointments in Room 107E at Woodsworth College (119 St. George Street) on Thursdays, from 9:30AM-12PM during the Fall and Winter semesters. Please contact janice.asiimwe@utoronto.ca to book a 1:1 appointment. If you’d like to book a 1:1 appointment at another time, please contact Career Exploration and Education to book an appointment with any Career Educator.

For general support in navigating career resources and tools, as well as resume support, a dedicated team of Peer Career Advisors will be available at mini-Kruger Hall for drop in appointments during the Fall and Winter semesters on Wednesdays from 10-12PM. Peer Career Advisor appointments can also be booked at Career Exploration and Education.

Hanna Caplan, IUntitlednternational Transition Advisor (Centre for International Experience)

The Centre for International Experience’s Transition Advisors will have placements here at Woodsworth College, across U of T’s St. George Campus, and often outside of regular business hours. This program is offered by the Centre for International Experience, in close partnership with the participating colleges and programs to ensure that international students are getting the support they need.

One-on-one appointments are student-directed. This means you can bring any issues you wish to discuss to the meeting. Hanna will be happy to assist you directly, or to direct you to the appropriate resources and offices that will help you with your goals and questions.

To learn more about Hanna and to book an appointment, please visit our ‘International Transition Advising‘ page

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  1. Hi there, I saw that there was a Grad Info Session on Nov. 18 but I am in class then and won’t be able to attend. I am particularly interested in Alumni benefits etc and am hoping that this session will be repeated or that I can get some info in writing. Please advise.

    Jill Kinsella

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