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Where Does Change Happen?

November 9, 2016 deanwdw 0

Have you always wondered how to affect change in your community how great ideas are generated and big decisions are made? This five-session workshop will help you explore these questions and more.

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Board Game Cafe

November 8, 2016 deanwdw 0

Drop in for a casual, and competitive, round of games and snacks at the Hart House Board Game Cafe. We have all kinds of games, from the old classics to the popular games of today. Bring a friend and take a break together, or stop by and challenge someone new to a game.

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Jazz Night

October 21, 2016 deanwdw 0

Masters of Love and Sound is a Toronto-based group that started in 2001 and committed to performing live improvised dub and funk music, with a heavy dose of horns and percussion. MOLAS uses classic 60’s and 70’s reggae rhythms as a vehicle for extended live improvisations; live effects and samples are a crucial component of the dubwise MOLAS sound.

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