International Transition Advising

As an international student, you will encounter many new experiences at the University of Toronto. Our transition advisors are here to support you in your adjustment to the University of Toronto and life in Canada.


The International Transition Advisor for Woodsworth College is Hanna Caplan (pictured to the left).

The Centre for International Experience’s Transition Advisors will have placements here at Woodsworth College, across U of T’s St. George Campus, and often outside of regular business hours. This program is offered by the Centre for International Experience, in close partnership with the participating colleges and programs to ensure that international students are getting the support they need.

One-on-one appointments are student-directed. This means you can bring any issues you wish to discuss to the meeting. Hanna will be happy to assist you directly, or to direct you to the appropriate resources and offices that will help you with your goals and questions.

Some examples of topics you can discuss with our transition advisors include:

  • Adjusting to Canada- Forming friendships in Canada, succeeding in the U of T classroom, adjusting to our weather, feeling homesick, etc.
  • Building your new community- How to become involved on- and off-campus, finding groups, signing up for activities
  • Making a plan- How to achieve your goals during your time here at the University of Toronto
  • Where do I find …?- If you are unsure about where to find services and programs at the University of Toronto, our transition advisors are happy to direct you to the appropriate resources
  • And anything else that is on your mind

International and Canadian students can also meet an International Transition Advisor to discuss study abroad and intercultural opportunities.

Fall 2018 & Winter 2019 Schedule

For further information, please visit the CIE Transition Advising website here.

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